GES is a Full Service Environmental company who strives to offer the latest and most innovative solutions for all our clients environmental concerns. GES is also the exclusive distributor of Microbe Guard antimicrobial coating which offers the only 25 year warranty against mold on a newly constructed home (or 10 year on a post remediation project). GES treats each clients home with the utmost care and respect, be it the contractor or the homeowner we guarantee our first class A-team service will impress. We specialize in:

*Mold Remediation
*Water & Fire Damage Restoration
*Radon Mitigation
*Indoor/outdoor HAZMAT cleanup
*METH LAB cleanup
*Asbestos Abatement
*Dry Ice & Sand Blasting
*Microbe Guard

Advanced Energy Inc is a full service insulation company who specializes in helping homeowners lower their energy costs.  We are the preferred contractor for both Northwestern Energy & Human Resource Council XI.  We use recycled products & is considered a "green company."  We use blown-in, dense packed, high density value batting  insulation!     

Good Environmental Services, Inc
PO Box 1502 Seeley Lake, MT 59868 US
Phone: 406-677-6653 Website:

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Our website is currently under construction!!  Please call 406-677-MOLD or email us at if you have any questions!  We should be back shortly!  Thanks for your understanding!



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